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Longmont High School Class of 1968

We are the Trojans .............
1968 LHS Yearbook
1988 Class Reunion
1998 Class Reunion
2008 Class Reunion
2013 Class Reunion
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This is the website of the Longmont High School Class of 1968. 
Believe it, or not, our 50th Reunion is coming up in 2018.

This site contains pictures from several (but not all) of our previous Reunions.

We try to keep an updated list of Classmates we know, who are deceased. And, we try to keep an embarassingly, long list of Classmates that we don't know how to contact. Please take a few minutes to look at these lists and let us know if there are any inaccuracies! Maybe you can help us reach a Classmate. Oh, we also have a facebook page. Just Click the link below:

                          Longmont Senior High Class of 68